If you wish to join the Incorporation of Gardeners of Glasgow, please download and complete an application form. A Burgess Certificate form should also be completed if you are not already a member of another Incorporation. Please note that this should also be returned to the Clerk, not the Provost’s office, either by email or post. On receipt of your application The Clerk or Officer will contact you with relevant payment details.

Applications will be discussed at the next Master Court meeting. As these meetings are held quarterly, applicants may have to wait up to 3 months to have their membership confirmed.

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The Incorporation is no longer restricted in any way regarding Membership, subject to payment of the proper Entry Monies and becoming a Burgess of the City of Glasgow. Sons, daughters, spouses, sons, and daughter in law of Members have the privilege of joining at the "Near Hand". The Master Court of the Incorporation of Gardeners of Glasgow, which manages its affairs, welcomes everyone who is interested in maintaining the Incorporation’s legacy of activities and charitable work to apply for membership.