Historically, membership of the Incorporation tended to be limited to those with a business or trading interest in gardening and horticulture within the City of Glasgow. Now there is no such restriction and membership is open to those who support the charitable aims of the Incorporation. The Deacon and Master Court encourage you to consider applying for membership and joining us to support our charitable endeavours.

There are generally four steps in the membership application process:

  1. apply to become a Burgess of the City of Glasgow;
  2. have your name matriculated onto the roll at Trades House;
  3. apply for membership of the Incorporation; and
  4. your application is considered at the next quarterly meeting of the Master Court.

Although the process may sound complicated, the Clerk will guide you through it.

The costs associated with applying for membership are as follows:

  1. Burgess Ticket – £30
  2. Trades House Matriculation – £25 (or £5 if under 16)
  3. Incorporation Entry Money - £125 (Far Hand*) or £75 (Near Hand*)

* You may join at the Near Hand if you are the spouse, child or son/daughter-in-law of an existing member. All other applicants must join at the Far Hand.

In some circumstances, steps 1 and 2 may not be required, for example if you are already a member of one of the other Craft Guilds of Glasgow.

Please contact the Clerk, via the details at the bottom of the page, to obtain an application pack and find out more about joining the Incorporation.